The Instagram Game

I don’t know about you, but I feel like Instagram has been changing a lot lately. There isn’t anything insta(nt) about it, and you can really differentiate between the people who know how to play the game and those who don’t. I’m not trying to grow my Instagram and be #instafamous, selling fit tea and being an influencer, but it’s always nice to have a big audience seeing photos that you’ve worked hard to capture. I’m not an expert at Instagram, but I wanted to talk about some things that I’ve noticed and “hacks” I’ve learned so far.

  1. The time you post does really matter. I noticed this especially when I went to Asia. You definitely get the most likes if you post in the late morning or late afternoon in the time zone of the majority of your followers, in comparison to random times throughout the day or late at night after a few too many drinks but you think your photo is really cool and you really want to post it anyways. 
  2. The days that you post matter. My friend is a firm believer in a Monday-Thursday post schedule because he believes people are too busy to check Instagram on the weekends. I probably should get a life and be one of those people, but I’m usually not.
  3. There are way too many people that follow you for a few days then unfollow you after finding out that you didn’t follow them back. Stop following me, random fitspo accounts! If I wanted to follow you back I would, except I don’t because I know that you’re just going to unfollow me anyways.
  4. The fllwrs account is really cool if you’re interested in knowing who unfollows you (so you can hit them right back with that reciprocated unfollow. But hey, it’s not your fault for being salty- they started it).
  5. Captions are everything. And it makes me sad because my caption game is weak.
  6. The amount you post matters. If you spam people, they will become underwhelmed with your posts and are less likely to like your photos. I know you’re really excited about your trip to a natural hotsprings, but try to space out your pictures instead of spamming everyone at one time. I actually didn’t even realize this until a few months ago and I was one of those people (lol). I did it because I didn’t know that the geotagging worked outside of the location you were trying to tag. But it does. It does. So save your photos and STOCKPILE THAT SHIT GIRL. Ain’t nobody need to know where you are at the current moment. All they need to see is that cool photo you took three months ago in Hawaii. As far as everyone else is concerned, you’re still there enjoying a drink on the beach.
  7. I’m still trying to find a balance between how often I post, because having a DSLR camera and really enjoying photography, I have so many photos I want to post. But I don’t want to spam. But I also want to post regularly enough. So. I don’t know. How often is too often?
  8. I get really confused because I’m very interested in developing my photography skills, but there are so many photography accounts and it gets stressful knowing that I will never be as successful as them. Once you’ve learned how to play the game and you see what other people are doing (especially people you know in person), it is intimidating. How much time and effort should you put into your Instagram feed? Is it all for fun and games or is it something to be taken a little seriously?
  9. Are themes real? I know when I creep someone and they have a theme I really dig it but its just a lot of work to maintain. Is anyone else as torn as me? I tried to make a theme for a little but I started sacrificing the actual photo content just to create an aesthetically pleasing theme. I don’t know anymore.
  10. It isn’t even about how good your photography is, it’s about how good the photography skills of the person you are with are. Everyone wants to see photos of you, not necessarily your photography. Hand me a camera and I’m sure I can make a scene look good. Give the camera to some other random tourist or one of your friends, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to have to spend a few minutes explaining to them exactly what photo you want to get. And most of the time, you don’t. And then you have to learn to be a model for the ‘candid’ shots, with another photographer behind the camera. My conclusion: only make friends with good photographers. Just kidding. 
  11. Vertical photos do way better than horizontal photos.
  12. Once I started only posting photos I took on my DSLR instead of my phone, I really started to enjoy the increase in quality of my photos on my feed. I’m sure my followers did too, but then again I don’t really think anyone creeps my feed. So I will say this is a personal victory.
  13. I love architectural photos but I think if I post too many then I just look like an architecture account and I’m not because I’m a real human being!!?!  And then only other people who love architecture will follow me and like my photos but I also want to post photos of nature but I’m not an outdoor nature account either SO I DONT KNOW THERES SO MUCH PRESSURE. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME INSTAGRAM.

My friends have made fun of me countless times saying that I take Instagram too seriously and I know this blog post is ridiculous but I just wanted to share some thoughts I’ve been having lately! Comment down below if you feel the same about any of the points I made. Hope you’re having an amazing day and week!


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