My 1-Year Bucket List Update

Hello! I’ve been very absent from blogging lately because I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t known exactly what to post. It’s been 7 months since I posted my 1-year bucket list, so I thought I would see how much progress I’ve made (or haven’t) and what things have changed.


Complete one more semester at university to take more relevant courses needed in the field I wish to do my M.Sc in.

I’m currently in the middle of my semester, and it’s going well!


Apply for graduate school

I can’t apply for graduate school until I have my final grades back from this semester, but I don’t think I want to apply so soon anymore. I realized during this semester that for now I’m just sort of done with being in school and I want to work and travel a lot more before I commit to 2-2 1/2 years of more school where I will be a broke student again and can’t travel.


Travel across my own country

I’m excited to say that this will be checked off the list in a few months! I’m so excited.


Lose 20 or more pounds

I was back into the gym and I think I lost around 7 pounds before my semester break in February. I went to visit my boyfriend and on the plane back home I bonked my head on the top luggage compartment thing, which has been causing some concussion-like symptoms to come back. I started to feel better and took my dog for some long walks to test the waters, but I ended up throwing out my knee. So at this point, I think I’m back to my starting weight. I joined a DietBet in January (you place a $35 USD bet to lose 4% of your body fat in 4 weeks) and I didn’t win the bet, but joining really did give me the motivation and accountability to start living a more active and healthy lifestyle. I hope in the next month or two I can lose at least 10 pounds once I start to feel 100% again.


Run a half marathon

As of right now, I’m not in shape to run a half marathon, but I want to keep this on my list, and who knows what will happen this summer :).


Line up a contract to teach English somewhere internationally

This is what I’m most excited about- I have started to line things up to teach abroad next year! I want to work my butt off this year and next year before I leave in order to pay off some student loans I have, but I’m very motivated to follow through with this.


Leave the country once for a trip

Since I posted this last September, I have left the country for a trip to the Philippines. I would love to leave the country again in 2017, so I’ll see what happens.


Become more fluent in Spanish

Si, esto va bien. Gracias DuoLingo y clase de español!


Be more than half saved up to take my Mom to Europe for her birthday

I think this is where I have to say I’ve failed the most. I don’t even care about being too honest when I say that I’m so broke. Being a student and not being able to work full time just quite yet in addition to my spending habits and constant need for travel has my wallet hurting. I’m not upset because I am (clearly ^) getting things that I want in life done, but at the moment I haven’t had any room for savings. We’ve talked about travelling a lot lately and I know my mom will be joining me at the beginning when I move abroad to teach, but I’m not sure if I’m able to save enough to take my mom to Europe in time for her birthday next year. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t be happening in the future.

How did I do? 5/9. 55%. Not a grade I’m usually excited to receive, but I’m glad I checked in and I’m sort of moving along to reach my goals. I know these were only 6 month goals, so I’ll probably make a 2017 bucket list too. I hope you’re doing great, that 2017 is treating you well so far and you’re accomplishing your dreams!


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