My 1-Year Bucket List

A friend of mine recently asked me what my 1 year plan is. As a recent graduate, I find that the question we get asked the most is “congratulations on being finished university! What now?”. While I’m currently taking a breather and sorting out what I really want to do with my life rather than commit to a career, my friend asking me this question really got me motivated and excited for the future. Who says that 1) bucket lists and resolutions need to be done in January at the start of a new year? and 2) why are we forced to figure our post-graduate lives out so quickly? So, without further ado, here is my 1 year bucket list: things I  am very motivated on completing in the next year.

  1. Complete one more semester at university to take more relevant courses needed in the field I wish to do my M.Sc in.. which leads to
  2. Apply for graduate school
  3. Travel across my own country
  4. Lose 20 or more pounds
  5. Run a half marathon
  6. Line up a contract to teach English somewhere internationally
  7. Leave the country once for a trip
  8. Become more fluent in Spanish
  9. Be more than half saved up to take my Mom to Europe for her birthday


Well, those are the things on my 1-year bucket list! What’s on yours? 🙂


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