Netflix Culture

We live in a society where binge-watching Netflix and television shows is the norm. Whether you’re in a good mood or upset, not much can beat getting into some comfy clothes, grabbing your favourite snacks and tuning out the world with some Netflix. The following are my favourite shows of all time (some can’t be found on Netflix unfortunately); I seem to have a habit of not finishing shows when it gets too complicated or I just get bored, but these are my favourites!

Sex and the City. A classic. THE classic. I’ve watched and re-watched this show countless times, and purchased the entire box set when it went on sale on Amazon. This show literally got me through university- nothing can take away the pain of organic chemistry quite like boy problems and shoes can.


The Mindy Project. I know her sense of humour is acquired and some don’t like this show, but I absolutely love it. Mindy Kaling is hilarious and her books are fun to read as well!


Pretty Little Liars. No explanation needed. I haven’t been keeping caught up because of all the hype and I think I left off on season 4, but after the show ends for good I’ll finish it.


How To Get Away With Murder. Netflix was delayed on getting the new episodes (as usual) so I let this show fall on the back burner for now, but it is so good. So good. Viola Davis and Karla Souza are badass bitches.


Dexter. I never finished this show (I spot a trend here..), but I plan on it. I blame Netflix for taking so long to air the newest episodes!


Bates Motel. Super interesting and long episodes; based on Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Side note- the song No Angels by Bastille has excerpts from Psycho and it’s a super cool song.

bates motel.jpg

Gilmore Girls. I just recently got into this show and binge-watched two seasons. Stars Hollow is such a cute little town!

gilmore girls.jpgHappy Endings. This show got pulled from Netflix but I loved it! Adam Pally (also in The Mindy Project) is hilarious and probably one of my favourite actors.

happy endings.png

The Office (US Version). Michael Scott. That’s all.


Gossip Girl. I started watching this show in the fall time, so it reminds me of the fall. I think it got too complicated for me so I stopped watching it, but it’s on my list to complete.


Desperate Housewives. Also got too complicated and I stopped watching it… but I made it three seasons in and enjoyed them. So-you guessed it- it’s on my list to finish.


Departures. Fuelling my wanderlust one episode at a time.



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